Mar 212012

Chaotic seed organization plus garden blueprint

Today the knitting has been set aside in order to play outside.   Peas are in the ground; carrots, beets, and lettuce later today.  It was so nice to turn the garden soil for the first time this spring, to see those worms wiggle, and to set some seeds into their new home.  I can hardly wait for the first spring salad to come on up!

Dirt-caked nails make me happy!

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Mar 172012

It’s a gorgeous 75 degree March day here. So what to do? Why, drink scalding hot coffee and knit wool sweaters in the sun, duh!

Best place in the world at this moment!

I really have other things I should be working on (more patterns!) but for some reason I can’t put down my Paper Dolls that I started last week. It probably has something to do with this being the first thing that I knit in over a month that was not my own pattern. It’s nice to not be thinking about or editing a pattern while knitting it, and I don’t have myself to curse when I find a mistake (although Kate Davies’ pattern is very nicely written!).  I’m super excited about the customized yoke on this one.  I can’t wait to get to it!

Also on the agenda for today: some book reading!  Yeah!  Erich Fromm isn’t exactly sunny beach reading, but it’ll hold my attention so that will have to do.




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Mar 122012

Some patterns, it seems, have a mind of their own.  I had a really cute sketch for this dog.  It was a sweet little beagle with floppy ears and spots.  Somehow the prototype took on a life of it’s own and decided at some point that it wanted to be a dachshund instead.  I obliged because, really, how can you say no to a face like that??  I love that it became what it did.  The long body is a prefect size for grasping and the floppy legs give it a real goofy quality.

The pattern comes in two sizes.  The above example is in sport weight while a worsted version will give you a bit larger of a dog.

The Details:

Yarn: sport weight yarn for the small (shown) or worsted for the large
Yardage: approximately  150yds of either weight
Gauge: 24sts/4″ with sport weight for small, 20sts/4″ with worsted weight for large
Suggested needle size: US size 4 for small and US size 6 for large, either 4 DPNs or one long circular
Finished measurements:  approximately 15″ long for small, 20″ long for large
Price: $4

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Mar 062012

Spring is currently flirting with Colorado, making us all want to rip off the winter coats and cast aside the heavy mittens.  Unfortunately Mother Nature is a cruel temptress and still has snow and darkness in store for us.  I’m getting pretty surly towards winter this year.  Having already powered through months of chilly temperatures, colds, and frozen toes, I’m ready to sport these mitts and fight off the rest of winter.  I’ll clear a path for you, Spring, not stopping until I see those daffodils and crab apple blossoms!

The Details:

Yarn:  Two colors of fingering weight yarn.  100% wool will work best.  The sample above is shown in Knit Picks Palette.
Yardage:  About 90yds of MC and 70yds of CC
Gauge:  30sts/ 34rows = 4″  for Small and 28sts/ 30 rows = 4″ for Large in stranded pattern
Suggested needle size:  US size 2 for the Small, US size 3 for the Large, plus one set of smaller needles for the ribbing

Price: $5

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