Nov 122013

I’m over the moon to have had Hodgepodge Mittens released this week in Holla Knits!

This pattern was sort of my challenge to myself to K.I.S.S. (keep it simple, stupid).  I so love designing colorwork but many of my patterns tend to be involved and perhaps intimidating to knitters with less experience.  I wanted to design colorwork that was easy to knit but didn’t look it.  These mittens have full charts but each row has a 4-stitch repeat to make it rather easy to follow.

I’m super excited to have been given the chance to collaborate with Holla Knits and Allyson Dykhuizen!  Allyson and I have much different aesthetics when it comes to design and this was a great opportunity to collaborate on making something slightly out of our regular routine for both of us! I think the pairing worked pretty well!

The whole Holla Knits Accessories collection is so fun!  Each pattern is so unique and has such a fun playful feel, my favorite type of design.  I’m so happy to be a part of it!  I am looking forward to carving out a little time to try to knit one or two of them myself.  I’ve had KaPOM on my mental to-do list since I first saw it.  I hope you all find a favorite in this collection too!


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