Mar 012011

I made up this hat last week. A friend just had a baby girl and I needed a quick gift. This woman is the most sun-conscience mother I know so I figured she’d appreciate a good sun hat. I’m hoping this hat not only shades the eyes well but will also shade most of the face. Let’s hope.

I like just about everything about this pattern except for the name. The work-in-progress name has been Baby Bucket Hat but to me that just makes me think of infant car seats, often dubbed “baby buckets.”

Due to lack of sleep and energy on my part this week I am feeling monumentally uncreative when it comes to words so I’m leaving the naming of this hat up to you. Leave a comment in this post with your name suggestion and you’ll be entered to win a skein of worsted weight Knit Picks Bare, kettle dyed the color of your choosing. You get free yarn and I get a name and a dyeing project. Win-win! You have until Tuesday March 8th at 12pm central to post your suggestion. I’ll choose my favorite that night and post the newly named pattern sometime that week.

Check back to read the fun suggestions and to download the soon-to-be-named FREE pattern!

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  14 Responses to “Name-This-Hat contest!”

  1. Sundrop hat

  2. Do I get more than one guess? Daisy Bucket. Little Blossoms Hat. It’s really cute. :)

  3. It reminds me of the lattice work on a garden trellis, therefore: Trellis. (I may be running on as littlesleep as you are).

  4. I would say…. Cloche hat!

  5. It makes me think of a little southern lady shading her face from the sun, so I’d name it after a front porch drink. Like the mint julep or the sloe gin fizz.

  6. Here’s a couple ideas…

    Penny Lane

    Vanilla Sundae (could be modified if you change the color for the main picture — Mint Sundae for green, etc.)

    Carino (means “cute” in Italian)

  7. How about, “Dear ‘Liza”?

    There’s this one song I learned in elementary school and it goes “there’s a hole in my bucket dear ‘Liza dear ‘Liza there’s a hole in my bucket dear ‘Liza a hole!” I figured that it’s a bucket hat, with holes in it… ah now I’m rambling..

    Or “Peeko”, a play on ‘picot’!

  8. I don’t know if I posted this on your FB yet, but I like Thea, just because I can picture my little neighbor Thea wearing something like this.

  9. reposting from facebook:

    starligtht cap
    confetti cloche
    sunlight speckled bucket hat
    pebble sunhat
    cherry blossom hat

    you know you wanna dye me some yarn ;)

  10. Pretty! It reminds me of little flowers, so I’d call it Alyssum.

  11. Ooh! Snowbell.

  12. hmmm, I’m bad at this… if you notice my patterns don’t have creative names…uh
    Dainty Dots
    Hole in My Bucket (hahaha)
    Okay I’m not even gonna try anymore.

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