Apr 032012

Two days ago we were sitting on the porch, drinking beer in the shade, and swatting away bugs.  Woke up to this today and it’s still coming down.  Those brown wooden things in the bottom right of the photo are my raised vegetable beds, where my greens were just starting to pop out.

At least I have a new pair of mitts to warm my hands, especially since it’s April now and I refuse to turn my heat back on.  It’s spring, damn it!

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  2 Responses to “Oh, Colorado, you so wacky.”

  1. These are AWESOME! Do you sell your finished work? Cause a friend of mine owns a board game store in Colorado Springs and I think these would be big sellers! I’m just learning to knit so I won’t be making these any time soon. I could possibly crochet them!

    What part of colorado are you in? I’m in the Springs. I saw your AMAZING werewolf on Craftsy and had to check out your stuff. Love it!

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