Jan 172012


Knit Pick’s fingering weight yarn Palette is my new favorite yarn.  I’ve been all about colorwork knits this winter and Palette is so versatile for this purpose.  And look at the variety of colors to choose from!  Sometimes even if I don’t have a project to be picking yarn for, I love to just peruse these pages and daydream about the colors.  Then I think about pairing colors and I get so completely overwhelmed that I have to put it away.

All of my colorwork project recently have involved one color paired with a cream or white.  See my Recess for Grownups.  Or this here cat.  I have the pattern for this in the works and I forced myself to not pick a neutral color yarn for the pattern sample.  Two colors!  Next to each other!  So weird.

My color wheel and my stash dare to meet. Someday they will learn to get along.

I have nothing against the idea of color, I feel like I just don’t know how to work them.  A few months back I bought a color wheel in hopes that it would aid me in my color coordinating quests.  I played with it for a good while, dyed a few skeins with my choices, and was less than thrilled with my end results. I’m not sure what was wrong, it just didn’t look right.  I think I need some practice to hone my color skills.

Or I need to dust off my dartboard, place the wheel in the center, and let chance do it better.  I like this option.




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  1. Your fear of color sounds equal to my fear of math. We both will overcome.

  2. I like your idea of the dartboard. :)

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