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To me, this is the best ever time of year.  Pumpkins, soups, sitting in the sun without sweating, but most importantly, the return of wool accessories!  Oh, such a relief to allow my hands to no longer be naked.  To celebrate, here is the first of the hand-related Wattsolak patterns of the fall.

This is my second pattern based on a drawing of my husband Daniel’s (the first of which was Bean Monster).  The original drawing was for a show poster for his band In Better Senses.

I love the early 20th century horror film feel to the poster.  You can almost hear Orson Welles’ voice in the background.  When I first saw his sketch I knew this had to be translated to colorwork!

I’m quite happy with the end result!  I know this is partially due to the Malabrigo Finito of the sample.  Drool.  I can’t wait to nest my hands inside these on snowy days.

There is also a special significance of the release date of this joint creative project: today is our 9th wedding anniversary!  Hooray for us!

The Details:

Yarn:  Two colors of
   fingering weight yarn.
   100% wool will work best.
   The sample above is
   shown in Malabrigo Finito.
Yardage:   180-225yds of
   the darker color, 75-95yds
   of the lighter
Suggested needle size:
   US size 1 for small
   US size 2 for large

Price: $5

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  1. You probably already know this, but that design rocks. It knocks my socks off.

  2. vzrknqarowjkvvwxpbvithhtqkk

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