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When I was little my brothers and I had adorable matching stockings.  They were red and white gingham with green felt trim.  The best part was that at the toe of each of them was a little stuffed mouse head, making it appear as if a mouse had climbed in, chewed a hole in the bottom and was peeking out to say hello.  Each Christmas I got so excited to unpack these memory filled treasures but each year I also felt melancholy that this mouse friend was just a head and not a whole toy a play with.

Fast-forward a few decades to the first year of being a mother.  Close to Christmas I started thinking about these stockings and decided to make my baby son a reproduction of these mice but this time finally giving it a body.  Three years later for my daughter’s first Christmas I made her one too and this time wrote down the pattern.  I like the idea of sharing this pattern so lots of trees can house a mouse all over this globe.

There is no specified size for this mouse so you can use whatever feltable wool you like.  Fingering weight will give you a medium sized ornament whereas an aran or bulky will make a nice small toy.

The Details:

Yarn: any wool that is feltable
Yardage: about 50yds
: unimportant
Suggested needle size: one size larger than your yarn suggests

Price: Free!

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  2. Thanks for sharing. He is so cute I could cry.

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