Dec 072011

First sweater circa 2005

Sometimes looking back is the best way to make you feel better about where you are.  I knit my first sweater about 7 years ago.  It was some acrylic.  Size 10.5 needles with worsted.  It was 3″ too short (at least).  I knit three sleeves because the first two didn’t match and the final two that did were way too long.  But I loved it!  And I wore it everywhere for EVER.

My next one I made was when I was 8 months pregnant with my son.  I “guesstimated” what size I would be post-baby.  I was very wrong.  That one is still sitting on the bottom of a trunk in my craft room where it radiates guilt intermittently.

I don’t have much of a good record with sweaters.  Even my most recent one was a bit of a hair-puller.  But NOW, I’ve done it!  I’ve knit a good one!  One that makes me want to squeal with happiness.  I’ve been wanting to knit Aidez for a while, ever since seeing Katy Jane‘s.  This one fits like a glove.  The sleeves are perfect length, as is the body.  And it has the one thing I always longed for in the first sweater: pockets!  Hooray! I feel like I deserve a merit badge for this final, 7-years-in-the-making project.

The Cascade Eco Wool was nice to work with but it’s starting to pill already.  Oh well, for a $30 sweater, I’m not going to fret.

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