Jan 312011

Five months and lots of hibernation and this sweater is finally done!  I’m not entirely happy with it but it’s done and it’s wearable so I’ll take it.  I ripped out the lower half and added more shaping but by the time I finished I was a slightly different body shape than when I started so it fits kind of funny.  It may take a trip through the dryer eventually to shrink it up.

One thing that irked me about the end result was the stitches that showed through at the color change.

I duplicate stitched over these spots and now you can’t see them.

Lessons learn with this:

  • I CAN graft 440 stitches together and it will look good
  • If you knit a sweater in the postpartum year, don’t make a shaped one
  • I need to start erring on the side of too small rather than too big with sweaters so I don’t keep ending up with bulky ones