Feb 132011

Although I learned a few years earlier, I really started regularly knitting when my son was first born.  I loved the instant gratification of small baby sized projects.  I still do.  My daughter at one year old probably has as many hand knit things as I do.  The one downside to knitting these small things is that these children insist on growing, so most things can’t be worn all that long.  I really wanted to make the baby a pair of Emmy Lou Helmuth’s Cozy Leg Warmers because they are way cuter than all baby legging patterns out there but I was hesitant to put that much work into something that would only be worn for a short time.  I started them anyway and when done I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of stretch to them.  In fact, I made my four year old try them on and they fit him well.  A baby item that could be worn for three years?!  Huzzah!

I worked them on size four needles with sport weight yarn.  To fit the baby they are worn over the knee, but as she grows they will be worn below the knee as the pattern intends.  So cute.


The baby’s other new item is Jane Kehler’s Peas and Lettuce hat.  I was taking a gamble making a non-tie hat for a grabby handed baby but she needed something heavier than her Junie Cap.  I worked this in a bulky weight yarn from Gyspy Wools.  It is unbelievably squishy.   Unfortunately I misread the pattern while watching TV with friends (I shake my fist at you, Jessica Fletcher, for distracting me) so I worked fewer purl rounds.  Still cute, I think, but not as fun as Jane’s original pattern.  The baby  refrains from removing the hat about 40% of the time, which is a better statistic that I hoped for, so I’ll take it.  And even though I generally shy away from knitting a pattern twice, I want to make this again because it was so fast and so fun.


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Jan 282011

There is a tiny yarn store in Boulder on Spruce Ave on the south side of the Boulderado. For probably 18 months I occasionally walked by Gypsy Wools, usually on the way to Rebecca’s next door or Sushi Zanmai one more door down. My bias against most things Boulder and assumptions of downtown businesses told me this place was beyond my budget. Once while walking a sleeping baby around downtown, I wandered in expecting to look at nice fiber, scoff at the price and leave. Fifteen minutes later I ended up walking out with a rather nice and surprisingly inexpensive skein.

For such a small store this place has a large variety of colors, weights and materials. This week I bought a skein of bulky weight yarn called Gaia. I went in looking for a very specific shade of pale green in bulky weight and they had it. You can’t say that about many yarn shops this size.

Last time I was there I wanted a nice soft yarn to test knit the Junie Cap with.  This Kona Sport in a rich brown color was a dream to knit with. I highly recommend this line.

It’s nice to have a new destination in Boulder and I look forward to visiting again!

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