Dec 192011


Christmas has always been fun but having kids around makes it that much more so.  This past week my son and I made ornaments for gifts and for our tree.  I’m all about pawning off the gift giving on my kids now that they are old enough to help out (at the least the 5 year old).  I mean, people would probably think I was cheap if I tried to give these as gifts but coming from him they are little works of art!  This was a pretty fun mom/son project to work on and I’m pretty happy that it held his attention for the three day process.  As an added sentimental bonus, all the cookie cutters used here belonged to my late Grandmother.

One of the main reasons for making ornaments was that this is the first year since I left my parents’ house that I have a decorate-able tree in my house!  I feel like such a grown up!  We had about 5 ornaments so we needed more.  I really don’t know why we didn’t do this sooner, although I will miss our silver fiber-optic one that has done us well for the last 8 years.

Atticus, hour 45 in his PJs

I don’t know who in the house thought that the Sleepy Mouse needed to top the tree but I rather like it!

There won’t be as many knit good under this tree as in years past, unfortunately.  There will be some things for the kids at least, an Indiana Jones-esque whip and bag for Atticus and a felted bag for Junie.  We do things small here.  Upgrading from the 36″ tree to the 6″ one is enough “big” things for this year.

But there will be lots of Legos.  I’m secretly excited about that one!

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Apr 042011

The last real family vacation we had was nearly two years ago. This combined with the fact that my husband’s job has pretty generous annual allotted time off means that my husband has lots of days off without anywhere to go. As a result we have taken a liking to the random four day weekend. And not any of these memorial day/labor day/presidents day messes where everyone in the country has a day off too and it’s a madhouse to try to do anything. These only-us days off rock. Family breakfasts out on weekdays without battling the usual Saturday crowd. Parks that are more empty. Shopping trips without the weekend hordes. Sometimes I don’t miss the “real” vacation when these long weekends can recharge me easily without having to deal with the chaos of travel, packing, and the unknown (which is no fun with a creature-of-habit four year old).

So here is it Monday, but for us it’s really Second Sunday. Ahh. The four day weekend really does a lot for the morale too, making you feel like a superhero of accomplishment with four days to fill. This weekend I:

(over)dyed some yarn,

started on the new garden beds (okay, this was mostly the husband but I orchestrated it),

took the niece’s Flat Stanley on a nice outing in his new sweater,

finished writing a new pattern,

opened an Etsy shop (as you can see, not too exciting yet. Yet!),

took a trip to the kid’s museum (Actually, this was husband too. I stayed home with the baby),

and made the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever baked. Hey, Elizabeth, they work at elevation too!

The best accomplishment of the weekend I can’t show you yet since it’s for a design contest that I’m oh so excited about. Sometime after May, though, you’ll see it in all it’s glory. Tonight I think there’s just enough time to squeeze another family trip to the park, a good dinner and some more cookies into this weekend. I’ll take that over a busy vacation.

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Mar 242011

One of the downfalls to having children is that they actually have to share a house with you. And as much as you try to make it still look and feel like adults live there, inevitably the kids take over. Things get rearranged oddly and you find the strangest things in even stranger places. Things that you thought were indestructible get broken. Your nice sofa will occasionally have snot on it.

Last week while I was on the laptop (the main house computer) the baby pulled at it, trying to see what I was looking at, and the screen went blank. Then it wouldn’t turn back on. D’oh.

So now I have a whole digital camera full of photos and no computer to dump them onto and no way to share them. I have quite a few things that I’d like to share here but it’s rather pointless without the visuals to go with it. Since I think blog posts without photos are oh so boring I won’t tempt you with descriptions of things just to fill space here. I’ll save them for next week when the laptop will either return from the repair shop or when there is a brand new computer in this house.

Check back soon for news of a new hat pattern, some WIPs and some thoughts on summer knitting.

For now I’ll leave you with one accessible photo I have: the baby (in knit pants) playing in some nice spring weather!

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