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Warning: it is impossible to wear these gloves or mitts without feeling the need to wildly wiggle your fingers!

This is such an addictive pattern.  Seriously, I’ve knit three versions and I still want to make more.  It’s one of those where you finish one and immediately want to start another with new colors.  Oh, who am I kidding, I was already planning the next before I’d finish the first glove of a pair.  I never, ever take commissions to knit things but I have already accepted one for these since the person who suggested them came up with a really fun version that I was eager to attempt.

The background and palm-side consist of an easy to memorize four row repeat while the back shows off the kraken whose tentacles are your fingers!  The fingerless version works best when the kraken color is close to your skin color, allowing the two to blend together.  For this reason, I highly suggest Jamieson Shetland Spindrift or Knit Picks Palette, both of which come in an array of neutral tones.

The pattern includes four charts.  There are separate left and right charts for two versions, one for light colored kraken and one for dark.  There are also instructions for working a full glove or the fingerless version.  Two different sizes use the same charts, the sizing determined by the needles and gauge.  Lots of room for customization here!

And hello there, little baby cephalopod on the thumb gussets!  Try to hide but you are oh-so cute that you are hard to miss!


The Details:

Yarn:  Two colors of fingering weight yarn.  100% wool will work best.  The samples above
    are shown in Knit Picks Palette.
Yardage:  164-240yds, depending on size and version.
Gauge:  30sts/ 34rows = 4″  for Small and 28sts/ 30 rows = 4″ for Large in stranded pattern
Suggested needle size:  US size 2 for the Small, US size 3 for the Large, plus one set of
    smaller needles for the ribbing

Price: $6

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