Dec 082011

How cute are these three together??!  This here is my very first ebook and I’m so happy to finally share it with everyone.  You can buy each of the patterns separately or as the ebook at a discounted price.  Click on the photos below to see the individual patterns!

Click below to buy the three as a set for $8!  $2 off!

See the set on Ravelry!

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Dec 082011

Grumpy troll or misunderstood old man?  No one knows with this guy.  I am so pleased with this one.  This turned out exactly like my original sketch, so much so that I even surprised myself!

The shaping of the body is pretty simple.  What makes this guy stand out is his features: the long nose, the stubby fingers, and the lumpy boots.  Single ply yarn makes for dready locks.  You’ll be surprised how fast this one knits up. 


The Details:

Yarn: worsted weight wool or blend of your choice
Yardage: less than 50yds of skin color, a bot less for pants and boots, plus small bits for embellishments
Gauge: 6sts/ inch in stockinette
Suggested needle size: US size 5, either 4 DPNs or one long circular
Finished measurements:  approximately 7.5″ tall
Price: $3

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Buy the trio as a set!

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