Apr 112012

Blue: the second least used color in my repertoire.  What can I say about this color…. I can’t place it, I just don’t care for it.  Out of all the above shades, none do anything for me.

I’m trying my best to branch out.  I’ve been putting together a few ideas and yarns for a set based on this mini mood board and there was no leaving out the blue.  A few weeks ago on a trip to The Loopy Ewe I was determined to find a blue skein that would fit the bill.  I snagged a skein of Sweet Georgia yarn that has a subtle color variation and a wonderful feel (merino!).  I’m excited to knit this up.  I think I even have a pattern in mind that will mesh well with it.

The bigger question: will I actually wear this color once the yarn becomes a FO?  We shall see.

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  10 Responses to “The Year of Color: Blue”

  1. if you won’t – Joanie will!!
    I feel the same way about pink…. grit my teeth whenever I use it!!

  2. I <3 blue, it's my favorite! I'll be happy to take in any of your blue orphans. You have inspired me to knit something at the bottom of my favorite color list, something orange or yellow perhaps!

  3. I’m a big fan of blue… in small doses. Like most colors… I really like a small punch of color in a sea of naturals, neutrals, black or white.

    That being said, I really like the one that’s second from the bottom on the right side of your photo. :-)

  4. This is hilarious because I want to jump into that picture – I love blue! Coming from Michigan, I think it’s partly because the dark aqua-y blues remind me of driving along Lake Michigan and the color of the water in the summer. Homesick now!

  5. But, I don’t get the point of a whole year of knitting color(s) that you don’t like? Why be unhappy ? how is The Year of Blue going for you ?

    • Well, the point was that I found myself stuck in a red-pink-gray-black rut. Everything I wear or make seem to be those colors. This is me testing new waters, branching out, and trying to find things that I may like that I wouldn’t have tried otherwise. I feel like when I go into a yarn shop I limit my choices by skipping over those colors that I have it in my head that I don’t like.

      I must say, I am a third of the way through the blue project with the Sweet Georgia yarn and I am liking it.

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