May 172012

Confession: I really just design toys as a vehicle to house oh-so-cute feet.  And toes! Don’t you just want to eat these up??

The green one in the center is for a toy pattern coming at the end of the month.  It uses Fancy Tiger’s new Heirloom Romney which I’m totally loving.  When I saw the colors I knew that this was what needed to be paired with this toy pattern!   It’s going to be a great, sturdy yarn for a toy which I’m sure will be usurped by my rough and tumble two year old as soon as it’s off the needles.   I’ve got high hopes for the durability of this yarn!

Back to toes and wool.  Check back for the pattern in a week or two!!




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  1. When Liam and I talk on Skype, he puts his toes up to the webcam so I can “eat” them!!! Long live toes!!

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