May 032012

This week I couldn’t find the string that I use for the garden.  Sport weight cotton to the rescue!

I should have used a more interesting color.  Next year: fuchsia.

Also, I think I planted my peas too close together.



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  4 Responses to “Yarn: not just for knitting!”

  1. I did the same thing one year for my garden! I use yarn for everything… including jerry-rigging a pot lid holder to some shelving in the kitchen. It’s held up surprisingly well throughout the years, temporary though it was meant to be.

  2. I think fuchsia would be awesome! Or I have about 3 years of baling twine in orange. ;-)

    I was kindly given a Leibster award and would like to pass it on to your awesomeness.

  3. That is funny! A few years ago we reseeded part of our yard and I used some bright pink acrylic to rope it off.

  4. It’s amazing how often we knitters can come to the rescue at parties, conventions, on the street, etc., just by whipping out some scrap yarn from our project bags.

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