Dec 042011

I am not generally a colorful person.  90% of my closet is gray and black, punctuated by red and pink.  I’m not exactly sure when it became this way.  I know there was a distinct point at 16 when it all went black but before that it was pale and muted colors, naturals and dusty shades and such.  Lately I’ve been trying to think back to when it was that I seemed to lose certain colors.

In fifth grade (let’s see… 23 or so years ago!) my favorite was color was yellow.  Since then I generally can’t stand it.  I think it’s easily been over 20 years since I’ve owned a yellow piece of clothing.

Early in November I went out to get yarn for an Aidez cardigan.  I had my heart set on Eco Wool since I am frugal to a fault and a $30 cardigan had great appeal to me.  I was thinking of choosing a gray or oatmeal color, similar to the shade that most people seem to choose for this sweater.  When I got there the store had no two matching dye lots of Eco Wool with the exception of yellow.  Bright yellow.  Mustard yellow.  I thought I’d take it and over dye it, thinking of a nice brown or dark green.  But I got those big balls of yarn home and fell in love with the color.  I started knitting up the Aidez and it just looked perfect.

It’s going to be a totally different feel than the oatmeal color of the original but I decided I like that.  It’s currently 12 degrees outside with a foot of snow on the ground so the thought of wrapping myself in this bright sunshiny color by the end of the week sounds oh so heavenly.  I have a nagging feeling in the back of my head that I will finish this and it won’t be what I want, but I’m going to plow through!


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